Why Radio?

  • Radio Reaches More People Than ANYTHING ELSE!

  • Radio Drives Store Traffic

  • Listeners Trust Radio

  • Radio Wins On Smart Speakers

  • Using TV Without Radio? It's a Mistake!

  • Radio Still Rules In Cars

More Than Just Commercials

On-site Broadcasts
On location broadcasts ensure your message is heard clearly and consistently during a two to three hour window featuring a personality broadcasting from your location!
We can build a custom endorsement for your product or service in conjunction with our personalities so they can leverage their relationship with listeners to build your brand awareness and affinity.
Lead-Generating Promotions
Custom lead-generating promotions can deliver a list of action-ready pre-qualified consumers to you.

Why Choose ROX Radio Group?

ROX Radio Group reaches over 100,000 weekly local listeners. We're locally-owned, so we make decisions that are best for our listeners and advertising partners from Northwest Arkansas, not New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, or Atlanta. We're more responsive and more affordable than corporate-owned radio stations, and when you partner with us, your message is heard everywhere we are. We don't play funny rate-manipulation games to give you an artificially-decreased unit rate.

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